Tháng 11 08, 2016

The story behind the buttons

Mr. Steve Nguyễn, founder of Tuan Hien Co, Ltd stated that: “His life is a chain of surprising events, it seems that the business chose him instead of he chose to dive in this field”. Born and raised in a Vietnamese family in Sai Gon, he suffered through the war of Vietnam and the difficulties after independence.


“Everyone was so poor and starving, we had nothing to eat” he said. His mother sold chickens at the local market days by days for the living. He helped her with the job, never dare to imagine doing big businesses. He then met Ms. Hien, who is now his lovely wife, during a visit to his captain while he was in the army. Ms. Hien, who is half-Chinese, despite being born in a poor family which caused her to give up education since third grade, has a passion for business. She has been in love with doing businesses since she was a kid, selling potatoes, cigarettes, anything she could had thought of. Falling in love at first meet, Steve decided to help Hien carrying out her shop at that moment which was selling plastic buttons from China.


Being gifted, Steve learned fast and thoroughly, he bargained, planned ahead on supplying and selling strategies. The market at that moment was good, everything was scarce after independence. Buttons sold incredibly fast, the young couple had difficulties and struggling through hardships and challenges. However, with Steve’s talent and Hien’s abilities, they maintain good sales. It was that day when Mr. ---, a Taiwanese owner of a button manufacturer, agreed to teach Steve how to make buttons. He got loans from banks, relatives and founded Tuan Hien Co, Ltd. After years and years of experiments and failures and successes, he figured out his own know-how in making shell and coconut buttons and garments.


With over 100 employees and 2 factories capable of supplying thousands grosses per months with high-quality, Tuan Hien has been a trustful and sustainable partners with many companies and corporations not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.


“Doing business is not only focusing on profit, it is also about responsibilities to our employees, suppliers, partners and all their subordinates and families. Tuan Hien and its stakeholders are family.” - Mr. Steve Nguyễn

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